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DNA - secrets of civilization

 This is first czech web page about latest applied research results from biotechnology. You can find here wide spread of information about using genetic test. As first in czech we bring opportunity order DNA test directly from web page - anonymous, secure, easy and with reasonable prices. Cooperation with top american laboratories we put together on one place a fully in czech and english language.

 Here you find immediate access to "personal paternity tests". Without permition of any authority you can be 100% sure. This is a painless, non-invasive procedure; no needles are involved and it can be performed in the privacy of your own home.

Samples of bio-material with DNA we offer to test:
* quick
* annonymous
* reasonable price
* diskreete
* quaranted quality of result
* without any questions
* in certified labs
* fully in czech and english language
* with good explanation of science terms

 Results are from certified lab. You can not use them as evidence for court, if they are not collected by state authorized person. But you can be ready for court results, because you already know more... Guaranteed quality ensure, that you obtain results quickly and before you ask a courts. We protect your money and wasting of time...

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